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Media Coverage

Tinder's Campus Crush Dating Guide Offers Tips, Tricks for Students

These Jobs Will Get You More Matches On Dating Apps. But Should They?

In The Know by Yahoo!: Behind the Screens (Dating App Algorithms)

AZ Family News 3: Breaking Up Over Text

Hunt for Relationship Science Podcast: Meeting Online and the Road to Marriage

AZ Family News 3: AI In Dating

43 of the Best Tinder PickUp Lines (Go ahead. Message First)

Roots of Reality Podcast: Online Dating With Dr. Liesel Sharabi

Dating in L.A. Is Exhausting, so I Asked a Chatbot to Flirt for Me. Things Got Weird Fast

Why Do We Do That? Podcast: Online Dating With Dr. Liesel Sharabi

Kare With Korac Podcast: Online Dating With Dr. Liesel Sharabi

AirTalk by NPR Los Angeles: I Think I'm Falling In Love... Oh, Ick. Nevermind

Dating Apps Have a Filter Bubble Problem

The Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing: How Dating Apps Find Your Next Valentine

AirTalk by NPR Los Angeles: We Found Love In A Hopeless Place - How Americans Are Faring On Dating Apps

The Morning Show by NPR Wisconsin: How Dating Apps Are Transforming Modern Dating

The Show by NPR Phoenix: An Online Dating Expert Dives Deep Into the World of Digital Dating

How To Communicate in a Relationship on Valentine's Day

From Swiping on Tinder to VR Blind Dates, ASU Lab Studies How We Connect Online

The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Online Dating

More Internet Matches are Leading to Happy Marriages

What Do Single People Want Now? Deeper Connections, More Substance

About Health by KPFA Radio San Francisco: Love and Technology

The Psychiatry Show by NYU and Sirius XM's Doctor Radio: Dating Apps and Long-Term Relationships

Ten Years of Tinder: Are We Still Matching?

The Elias Makos Show: Online Dating Success Stories


VR Biology Lab Experience Leads to Student Success

UT Dallas' Dating App Research Aims to Help All the Lonely Hearts by Boosting Matches

It's a TikTok Party: Social Media Helped Two Businesses Survive the Pandemic

12 News: Staying Safe on Instagram

Tinder, Meetic, Hinge: Meeting With Shar Dubey, the Matchmaker of the Planet

Technology & Relationships Episode of the So Curious! Podcast by The Franklin Institute: Dates in the Metaverse, Sex Robots, and AI Sex Toys: Is This the Future?

Sex, Love and Algorithms: Navigating the Dating App Economy

Worrying About COVID-19 Predicts Fear of Being Single and Changes in Partner Preferences, Study Finds

Behind the Screens: Yik Yak Returns With Some Users Worrisome Over Past Faults

They've Been Ghosted, Lied to, and Worse. Now Hundreds of Boston Women Are Sharing Their Online Dating Horror Stories

Like Julia Fox, I'm Hard-Launching My Relationships On Social Media

Harvard Data Science Review Podcast: Dating App or Matchmaker: Will You Swipe Right?

Online Dating is Booming, Changing in Pandemic Era

Apple Lets Other Payment Providers Into the App Store for the First Time This Weekend. These Experts Explain Which Companies Will Benefit From This Momentous Change

Social Media Anxiety Needs More Attention

NPR Marketplace: COVID Changes Prompt Dating Apps to Adapt

A Record Number of Americans Used Dating Apps in July

What We Learned About Relationships During the Pandemic

New Study Sheds Light On What Instagram Reveals About a Couple's Relationship

Wondering How To Break Up With Someone? The "Talk" Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Valentine's Day Episode of the Communication Matters Podcast: COVID-19 and Interpersonal Relationships

FM104: When to Delete Your Dating Apps

2020's Best & Worst Cities for Singles

Connecting Through the Screen During COVID-19

How Online Dating Profiles Can Affect Dates

Swipe Right: The Fine Art of Getting - and Keeping - A Date Online

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Wireframe Podcast by Adobe/Gimlet Media: Falling in Love With Good Design

How Accurate Are Our First Impressions? 

This Is How Depression Affects Your Sex Life

Have You Caught a Catfish? Online Dating Can Be Deceptive

Science Vs Podcast by Adobe/Gimlet Media: Online Dating: Can Science Find You Love?

'It's Like Dinner and a Show': In the Age of Tinder Dates, Bartenders Bask in the Awkwardness

Looking into Their Computer-Generated Eyes: Dating in Virtual Reality

Making the Most of Your First Tinder Date

Social Media and Society, Are We Or Are the Phones to Blame?

Real Simple Magazine Podcast: The Labor of Love: How Depression Affects Relationships

135 Couples Told Scientists How Depression Affects Their Relationships

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