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Relationships & Technology Lab

The Relationships and Technology Lab conducts social scientific research on communication, technology use, and relationships. If you're an undergraduate student who is interested in getting involved as a research associate, please email your CV and a short statement of interest to Dr. Sharabi. If you're a prospective graduate student and would like to learn more about our Ph.D. program in Interpersonal Communication, you can find more information here.

Doctoral Students

Marco Dehnert

Cassandra Ryder.jpeg

Cassandra Ryder

Marco Dehnert is a fourth-year doctoral candidate originally from Germany. He earned his B.A. in General Rhetoric from the University of Tübingen and his M.A. in Communication Studies from Arizona State University. As a multi-method scholar, Marco's research focuses on human-machine communication, artificial intelligence, and the social impact of communication technologies. His work has appeared in journals such as Human-Machine Communication, Human Communication Research, and the International Journal of Social Robotics. You can find more information on his website

Paige Von Feldt.jpg

Cassandra Ryder is a fourth-year interpersonal communication doctoral student. She earned both her B.A. and M.A. from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Cassandra's research focuses specifically on romantic relationship initiation through technology such as online dating, as well as how trauma is communicated via technology and in-person to others. She is currently analyzing data from two of her most recent research projects, one of which is on bad first date experiences with people met through online dating. The other is on how anticipatory and disenfranchised grief is communicated on Reddit after losing a loved one to COVID-19. You can read her latest study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships or check out her classes on Study Hall.  

Paige Von Feldt

Paige Von Feldt is a second-year health and interpersonal communication doctoral student. She earned both her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Kentucky, where she also minored in Sociology. Paige’s research interests include health and interpersonal communication. Specifically, her research focuses on how internalized stigma impacts the disclosure of a mental illness to close friends. Additionally, her research focuses on attitudes towards seeking mental healthcare and access to mental healthcare. Currently, she is working on a research project examining young adults’ attitudes and intentions to seek mental healthcare using the theory of planned behavior. Additionally, as a part of the Relationships and Technology Lab, she is conducting research with Dr. Sharabi that explores online dating apps and mental health. 

Research Associates

Sally Tan.jpeg

Sally Tan

Sally Tan is an undergraduate sophomore from Goodyear, Arizona. Currently, she attends Barrett, The Honors College,  where she is pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. As a Dorrance Scholar, she plans to enrich her education through experiences to build her understanding of psychology. In the future, she looks forward to becoming a psychologist.  

Mehek Dhillon

Mehek Dhillon is an undergraduate senior from San Francisco, California. She is currently pursuing a degree in Communication. In the future, she hopes to earn a master’s degree in Psychology and pursue a career in consulting.

Ainsley Coyle.JPG

Ainsley Coyle

Ainsley Coyle is an undergraduate junior from Goffstown, New Hampshire. She is currently studying for her degree in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. After graduation, she plans to earn her master's degree in Public Relations..  

Lab Alumni

Research Team Pic.jpg

Savannah Ambrose

Janine Beer

Krysta Chotkowski

Jordan Coddington

Lauren Dewan

McKenzie Diehl

Sara Downs

Aleksandra Froehlich

Zachary Hlatky

Merial Hutchison

Annamariah Hopkins

Merial Hutchison

Jake Mozden

Matt Mullin

Megan Niehoff

Delaney Overturf

Dominic Palisoc

Christiana Robey

Taryn Stahl

Ishanah Steele

Jennifer Tringale

Madison Wedge

Isabella Werner

Kaitlyn Whyte

Morgan Winner

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